Emulsion Lift Tutorial

Hey Everyone!

Here’s the first tutorial I’ve ever made. It’s a quick one, showing how to create emulsion lifts using IMPOSSIBLE instant film. This can be quite a simple process which yields really beautiful results. Happy Lifting!

(Don’t) Shake It Like A Polaroid Picture

Back in 2008, when Polaroid quit producing film, a group called The Impossible Project bought the last factory producing analog film along with some of Polaroid’s production machinery and started re-creating their own version of analog instant film. They’ve even created a new Instant Lab, that lets you print instant photos from your iPhone! Believe me, It’s on my photog-wishlist for sure. With the goal in mind to revive and reinvent the future of instant film; if it wasn’t for The Impossible Project this format of photography could have very well disappeared forever! So, many thanks to their company!
I was introduced to my first Polaroid camera this past Christmas, when my boyfriend bought me a refurbished Polaroid 600 camera and 3 packs of film. I instantly (pun intended) fell in love with how authentic each photograph was. Very shortly after, I discovered the magic of Emulsion Lifts  – a technique where one soaks their film in boiling water in order to release the layer of emulsion from the plastic, leaving a thin floating photo in the water that can be transferred onto paper, wood, glass, etc. It takes a very immediate form of photography, and turns it back into an intimate, hands-on process with results that are absolutely dreamy!

Below are some of my first Polaroids taken and some of the first Emulsion Lifts I’ve made. I’m looking forward to creating so much more, and already have some projects up my sleeve. ;)

In other news: Tomorrow, Joey and I are road trippin’ to Northern California so we can visit his family and celebrate his sister’s wedding!


Bloke Body Scrub

Bloke Body is a %100 natural skin and hair care company. They’re relatively new and only have a few products so far – 3 different versions of their famous body scrub, sweet mint lip balm, and their new restore and rehydrate hair treatment. I came across Bloke Body on Instagram a while back. It’s been gaining a lot of popularity lately and I kept hearing about it from other bloggers, so I decided to buy a pack for myself to see what everyone was fussing about. I bought 2 packs of their Coffee + Sweet Orange Body Scrub, one for me and one for my mom to try. Made with Arabica Coffee Beans and Coconut Oil, this scrub is made to target cellulite while hydrating your skin at the same time. The caffeine in the coffee exfoliates the skin, stimulates blood flow, and has an overall tightening effect. The coconut oil leaves your skin nourished and smooth.

They arrived in the cutest little packages! I’ve been using it about 4 times a week, mostly on my legs and torso, for about a month now. Combined with a healthy diet and weekly exercise, I’ve noticed a significant decrease in the stubborn little cellulite on the back of my legs. After every use my skin feels delicately soft. And during use, the coffee gives your skin a tingly sensation that really wakes you up in the morning. I don’t think my mom used Bloke as “religiously” as I did because she’s the queen of skin care & beauty products and has a million other things to try…But the first week I bought it for her all she did was rave about how soft it made her skin feel! As for me, I am extremely happy with Bloke‘s body scrub. When I’m finished with this bag I’m anxious to try their Green Tea + Sea Salt Scrub on my face! 

Busy, busy, busy.

Sorry for the inconsistent posts everyone. I’m just so preoccupied with my classes this semester that during any free time I do happen to have, all I want to do is chill out. That being said, February has been an exciting month for me as a photographer. Some of my work was chosen to be apart of the 2015 Juried Student Exhibit at my college – Boise State University. It was my first art show and even though it was only at BSU, it was still a nerve racking experience…when I’m trapped in a room with 60+ people, my anxiety goes crazy!
On top of the exhibit, a photo I made of the Korean War Monument in Washington D.C. was chosen as a finalist for the 35th Annual Best Of College & High School Photography Contest, hosted by the Photographers Forum and co-sponsored by Nikon! It was an honor simply to be chosen as a finalist, and a big congratulations to the winners this year!

Modern Bohemian Living Room // Modani

When I was approached by an associate from Modani, a modern furniture store, who asked me to design a living room using furniture from their site I was a little hesitant at first because I wouldn’t necessarily consider my decorating style as “Modern”. As a young college student living on a budget, I design my apartment using hand-me-downs from my parents and thrifted items so a Modern look has never crossed my mind before, mostly because I can’t afford it. I was pleasantly surprised with how easy it was to create a bohemian-esque living room using almost entirely Modani furniture. I guess that’s the great thing about boho – it’s eclectic, so the possibilities are infinte! You can mix and match different styles of furniture together to get your desired look. Everything in the photo I put together below is from Modani except for the plants, candles, and Amethyst geode which were all found on Google Images.
I don’t know about you people, but I really love how this living space turned out…It has a very zen-like feeling to it. I just want to light some candles & incense, sit down on the couch, and meditate…or watch Netflix. Either works for me.
The elegant Saut de L’ange sculpture, the white Serenity Statue, and both the wooden Candle Stand & Coffee Table are my favorite pieces from their store! The colorful pouf is pretty damn cute addition too; I’ve always wanted a similar pair to place around my coffee table. I enjoyed putting this room together, it challenged me to step outside my comfort zone and I really appreciate the results and inspiration I gained in the process.
What about all of you readers – is your home clean and modern like Modani or eclectic and rustic like mine?

Flannel Friday / Mother-Daughter Tattoos

This week has been an extremely busy one!
Last weekend I did my first ever wedding session for my cousin’s wedding! It was such an honor that she asked me to be the photographer. Her and her husband were married at the Twin Falls Temple and she was such a beautiful bride! I’ve slowly but surely been touching up all their photos over the week and it’s pretty overwhelming being my first time.
In other news, today my mom and I got matching heart tattoos together…and it was her first tattoo! It hurt her a lot more than she was expecting and she squirmed like a little girl, it was hilarious! They turned out really cute though and it will make for a good memory. I think she’s addicted like me already. ;)

After two and a half weeks, Joey finally came home from visiting his family in Northern California! Our pooch, Oliver, and I missed him a lot over the holidays. You can see (the backs of) us twinsies pictured below, wearing two of our favorite flannels from Pacsun. Mine is made by Gypsy Warrior and his is by Modern Amusement – both are really awesome, quality, brands that we often buy clothes from, so check them out sometime!

Year In Review: 2014

I hope everyone had a fun and safe New Years! 2015 is going to be a great year, I can feel it.
As my first official post of 2015, I’d like to take the time to reminisce  about all the amazing travels and opportunities I was blessed with this past year…


My family and I rang in the 2014 New Year under the sun in Malibu, CA by playing on the beach, eating at our favorite restaurant – Malibu Seafood Hut, and roaming the Santa Monica boardwalk.


It’s a tradition in my family to take a road trip through Arizona at least once a year, in order to visit family and one of our favorite places in the world – Sedona, AZ! We always take the same route on I-89, which leads you through Navajo nation. This sign was posted on the side of the road right before you turn onto I-64 towards the Grand Canyon. I was lucky enough to travel through this area twice in 2014, the second time was in November. When we passed by this same spot, I noticed the sign was no longer there. I’m glad I spotted it and took this photo when I did, so I can always remember this beautiful piece of art.


This year was also filled with many new friends and collaborations between artists. I modeled (for someone other than my own camera) for the first time since I was a child. It was for a photog friend of mine, Emily, and her husband, Ethan. You can check out more of their work at E&E Photography.


It warmed up early this year in Idaho, which meant I jumped all over the opportunity to go camping on the weekends. There’s no better feeling than waking up in the mountains.


May was filled with adventures. Joey and I spent a couple weeks in San Francisco visiting his family and celebrating his sister’s graduation from SFSU. We also went on a 12 mile hike through Swan Falls, Idaho on a quest to find the Wees Bar Petroglyphs. It was well worth the blistering heat and close encouters with rattlesnakes!


June was a month of reunions. We went to Utah for our annual family reunion, spent tons of time with family, and hiked up Timpanogos Cave. After Utah, we drove to the Oregon coast for a family camping trip at Honeyman State Park near Florence. I also spent some time photographing downtown Boise’s nightlife, which I’d like to continue to do into 2015.


We spent literally the whole month of July and the first week of August in Washington DC, while my dad was there for business. It was the highlight of my year! I love that city so much! We spent countless hours roaming the streets in the middle of the night, taking photos, and admiring the historical sites and stunning architecture. We also drove up to Baltimore so the boys could watch the 49ers/Ravens pre-season game and I finally visited NYC for the first time!


We finished off our summer by exploring the local beauty Boise has to offer and prepping for school to start again.


Joey and I were pretty busy adjusting to our new classes in September, but we still found the time to explore. Boise is a great city…it seems like you’re always about an hour away from an adventure, sometimes less! Drive an hour to the East and you can pitch a tent in the Boise Mountains. Drive an hour to the North and you’re in the beautiful Cascade/McCall area. Drive an hour or so to the South and you can explore endless Sand Dunes, the Hagerman Fossil Beds, or Craters Of The Moon. Drive and hour to the West and you’re in Oregon! One weekend we did just that – packed up our backpacks, car, and our travel-sized companion, Oliver, and drove to Succor Creek State Park just on the border of Idaho and Oregon for a day of Hiking and cave exploration.


Busy with school, we somehow still found the time to go hiking almost every weekend. I was anxious to get it all out of my system before winter showed her cruel face. (I hate cold weather with a passion and tend to hibernate all winter until it’s warm enough for camping again.)


In November I was lucky to be offered multiple opportunities to collaborate with brands and companies. One of my favorites was with One Tribe Apparel, who sent me a pair of their Thai Harem Pants to write a review on. Yes, I’m biased to anything Thai because I have a love affair with Thailand, but these pants truly are the comfiest most laid back pair of pants I own. They’re perfect for PJ’s or Yoga! Over Thanksgiving break my brother, boyfriend, and I went on a road trip to Sedona for the second time in 2014, which I was enthralled about…it rarely happens twice in one year.


This holiday season was spent with family. My mom and dad returned home safely from Bangkok, my boyfriend, Joey, left for California to spend a few weeks with his family, and we had multiple family gatherings that warmed my heart to be apart of. I also was asked by Weddington Way to create multiple looks using one of their gorgeous bridesmaid dresses. It was such a fun assignment! I can only hope 2015 bring just as many awesome collaborations!

I also want to take this time to thank each and every one of you for showing TBL so much love this past year. The amount of subscribers and page views has literally doubled since I started this blog back in 2013, and I am beyond grateful for your support! I started this blog as a way to document my travels and share my photography…but thanks to you guys and the many brands that have chosen to collaborate with me, it’s turned into something so much more than that. The Bohemian Lifestyle is a creative collective for all the free-spirits, the unconventional, the artists, the vagabonds,  and hearts bursting with wanderlust.  May 2015 bring you all positive vibes, peace, and good fortune!