Roadtrippin’ Arizona

Today I’m going to share a video compilation that I threw together. It documents the road trip to Sedona, Arizona that my dorky younger brother London, my boyfriend Joey, and I went on over Thanksgiving Break.

Sedona is a small town nestled between beautiful red-rock cliffs. It’s famous for being one of the world’s hotspots for UFO sightings and known for having many energy centers called vortexes. People travel from all over the world to meditate on top of the vortexes, go alien “hunting”, receive psychic readings, and strengthen their spirituality – it’s a New-Age mecca. Sedona also has a rich history, with Native American rock dwellings left over from centuries of indigenous people settling the area. You can also view many pictographs, some dating back to 6,000 years ago. And don’t even get me started on the incredible hiking and mountain biking opportunites available!
Almost 6 years ago, my dad took me and my brother on a huge month long road trip through Utah and Nevada, down to LA, and then back up through Arizona. By what seemed like fate, we ended up staying the night at a hotel in Sedona for free. My brother and I were enthralled by the beauty, mystery, and magic surrounding the town and ever since that trip we’ve gone back to visit every year. Whether you believe it’s the extraterrestrials, the subtle energy flowing from the vortexes, or the astounding natural beauty, something has been drawing people to the area for thousands of years.

(All music rights belong to Nahko and Medicine For The People. To hear more of their beautiful music please visit their YouTube.)

Alone Inside The National Gallery Of Art

Well, I understand why they call it dead week…because I’m absolutely exhausted. I still have a lot of studying to do this weekend plus a paper to write, but after next week I get to relax for a month and enjoy Christmas break! I have so much content that I could be posting here on TBL but I’ve been so busy lately, I can never seem to find the time.
I have a bunch of photos to share from our road trip to Sedona, Arizona over Thanksgiving and I’m also starting to experiment with videography, so expect a video of the trip coming up soon as well. And I know I said a long time ago that I was launching my photography website, as usual life and school got in the way. But it’s almost ready, and I’m expecting to launch it at the beginning of the new year!

Today I wanted to throw it back to my recent trip to Washington DC. During my time there I spent two days in a row inside the National Gallery Of Art admiring the breathtaking paintings, sculptures, and their classical furniture exhibit. The first time I went was on a Wednesday around 3 or 4 in the afternoon. To my pleasant surprise I was one of few people in the entire building, aside from the security guards, for quite some time. Being alone with these 16th and 17th century masterpieces was an enthralling experience for me; not only was I able to get up close and personal but I could feel the history and emotion vibrating off the paintings. I had been to art museums before, but never one with as many famous pieces from artists such as Van Gogh and Degas. Rather than taking close-ups of the artwork, I wanted to capture the entire room in an attempt to convey the same feelings I felt inside the museum that day. Another thing I found eye-catching was the repetition of the hallways, which Is also displayed in my work.

The next day I arrived a lot earlier , around noon, and my experience was the exact opposite – I was surrounded by what felt like hundreds of people, all pushing each other and crowding around to take a “selfie” next to Van Gogh’s Self-PortraitIf you ever wind up alone inside the National Gallery Of Art, please enjoy the peace and quiet, take your sweet time, & be sure to admire and appreciate each irreplaceable work of art.

Bohemian Bridesmaid

Every girl at one point in her life has imagined what her dream wedding day would be like. Although I don’t see myself getting hitched for a while, I’ve always swooned over the idea of a barefoot wedding on a tropical beach or in a mountain meadow surrounded by wildflowers. When the people behind Weddington Way’s blog asked me to participate in their Style Challenge, by creating multiple looks using one of their exclusive Bridesmaid dresses…I had to accept! I chose to work with their beautiful Joanna August Dani Style Bridesmaid dress because It’s simple yet versatile – you can dress it up for the wedding day or a date night and even wear it casual for a relaxing day out.

Bridesmaid Dress – Weddington Way

Custom Boho Boots – Feather and Skull

Accessories (Earrings, Ring, Arm Band, Leather Clutch, Hair Sparkles) – Free People

Nail Polish – Sephora



Bridesmaid Dress – Weddington Way

Gladiator Sandals – Free People

Necklace – Free People

Ring Set – Free People

Bracelets – Pura Vida Bracelets

Sunglasses – Swell

Hobo Bag – Swell


Bridesmaid Dress – Weddington Way

Jean Jacket – Free People

Hat – Free People

Fringe Booties – Swell

Necklace – Free People

Choker – Pylo

Cuff – Free People

Bag – Swell

Mars Nail Polish – Sephora


One Tribe Apparel

Hey everyone, I hope you all had a fun and safe Halloween! We just hung out and watched scary movies, I know…we’re lame.
But today I have a super fun collab that I’m stoked to share with you guys!

One Tribe Apparel is a brand founded by a group of wandering souls who met in a place very near and dear to my heart – Thailand. The gang behind One Tribe Apparel met in the community of Pai, located in the Northern region of the country. They describe it as a “hippie and bohemian destination…drawing thousands of gypsies and travelers from around the world”. One night they were hanging out and noticed that they were all wearing Bamboo Harem Pants, which are commonly seen being worn by both men and women all over Thailand. It was in that moment that they all decided to introduce the famous Thai Bamboo Harem Pants to the western culture, thus One Tribe Apparel was born.

I was honored to represent the Tribe, by doing a review on a pair of their Peacock Harem Pants in Navy Blue.
I absolutely love these pants! They take me back to warm nights in Bangkok, lounging on our balcony while enjoying a bowl of mango sticky rice. They’re perfect for lazy days, sleeping, yoga, or even levitating. ;)
The peacock pattern is so beautiful and unique to any other Harem pants that I had seen while living in Thailand. And yes, they are as comfy as they look. I’ll definitely be lounging around the house a lot in them during the approaching chilly winter months.
Right now One Tribe Apparel is hosting a 50$ giveaway! You can enter on their website now, and on Black Friday FIVE lucky winners will be chosen to receive a gift certificate to the One Tribe Apparel store. This is an awesome deal, so take advantage of it and enter now!

Pura Vida Impact Update



Weekend Hikes

In order to let go of all the stress from mid-terms and get away for a while, Joey, Oli, and I went hiking Friday and Saturday. Friday was just a short one up around the Bogus Basin area. Then Saturday we drove up to the mountains in Cascade, Idaho and hiked to Blue Lake, which was absolutely beautiful. We’re planning on going back again this weekend. Below are a few photos from both hikes.

LOST reference! (only Lost fans understand)

LOST reference! (only Lost fans understand)




Find Yourself

Find Yourself

This weekend was chilly and rainy; the first time it’s really started to feel like fall around here. Which meant it was time to break out the pumpkin spice candles & snuggly blankets, turn on Netfix, and brew some tea. … Continue reading

Dark Side Of The Moon

Dark Side Of The Moon

I hope you’re all having a relaxing Sunday! Here’s a quick outfit post featuring some of my new favorites. ♥ Pink Floyd Muscle Tank – Forever 21 Navy Blue Knit Dolman Cardigan – Forever 21 Bullhead Cut Off Shorts – … Continue reading

Succor Creek, Oregon

Summer 2014 has ended, school is in session, and I’ve spent the last two weeks getting adjusted to my new schedule and early mornings. I like most of my classes so far, and I’m finally taking my photography class which I’m stoked about!
We did manage to get away for a day of hiking last weekend. Joey, Oliver (of course), our friends Dylan and Courtney, and I drove across the border of Idaho to our neighboring state of Oregon, so we could visit Succor Creek State Park. As you drive through the dry desert of southern Oregon, suddenly you arrive at a giant canyon with a small river flowing through it. The river has fish swimming around and foliage has grown in lush and dense, making this place feel like a true desert oasis. The canyon in Succor Creek is dotted with caves just asking to be explored. The few caves we did look through that day were completely filled to the brim with sparkly thunder-eggs and what looked like agates. The geology and overall scenery of the park is absolutely beautiful. They also have a ton of campgrounds in the area; we’re itching to go back and camp some weekend before it gets too cold. The people we did see in the park had their ATVs and Motor Bikes with them, so don’t forget to bring your’s is you visit – there are trails everywhere!
Succor Creek is just a really cool place to check out if you’re ever in the area.


Walk in the Foothills

Here are some photos from a walk we took in the Boise Foothills, yesterday evening. Enjoy!