Thai Food Very Good And Very Cheap

I wanted to dedicate and entire post to the food in Thailand. Mostly because the food there is absolutely, beyond your wildest dreams, delicious. And because people travel to Thailand from all over the world just so they can indulge in the food and shop at the markets.
And I just want to make something clear, I’m not just talking about Thai food specifically, I’m talking about all the food there. Italian, Chinese, Japanese, American, It doesn’t matter where it’s from, they can cook it, and cook it damn good.

There is this little restaurant down the street from our house called IM CHAN or Thai Food Very Good And Cheap, that became our favorite place to eat lunch. They have all the signature Thai dishes you can think of. I would always order the Chicken Pad Thai. yum. And the oyster stuffed omelet. yummier. Or the sweet and sour sea bass. yummiest. (All pictured above)
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I put together a list of some of my favorite places to eat in Thailand. These are mostly just the restaurants I found while exploring my neighborhood! So no matter where you stay in Thailand, go out, walk around, and eat the food!

  • First and foremost, eat the street food. You’ll see little vendors on the side of the street cooking meat skewers, eggs, and noodles. Try some. (You won’t be able to resist the smell when you walk by those meat skewers anyway.) There are also fruit carts that offer quick, refreshing, bites of mango, watermelon, and other local fruits. They also squeeze and bottle pomegranate, and orange, among other juices, right there on the street and I promise it’s the best juice you’ll ever taste!
  • Every country has their own little twist on “American” food (and by American food I mean junk food and fast food). Though I am proud to say I avoided fast food the entire time I was in Thailand, their McDonalds offers corn and pineapple pies rather than the apple and cherry we have here, that would be fun and different to try. The Lays they have come in all sorts of crazy flavors like seaweed, soy sauce, and salmon, which is one of my favorite flavors.
  • Thai Food Very Good And Cheap as mentioned above.
  • On the left side of the street when you get off of the Asok BTS exit there is an outdoor restaurant next to the V8 Diner that is open pretty much all night. We’d always go there at 1 or 2 in the morning to get a few drinks, smoke some hookah, and get our American food fix from their bacon mac n’ cheese and burgers.
  • All the restaurants in Siam Paragon and Central World are worth trying out! The Red Sky Bar in Central World is amazing, though expensive. Just go up there one night for a few drinks and enjoy the amazing view of the entire city!
  • If you go to the Four Seasons Bangkok on Sunday, or are already staying there, they serve an all you can eat brunch that features dishes from around the world. Despite how expensive it is to get a reservation, it is absolutely worth it.
  • You have to go to MAEWAREE on 1 Sukhumvit Soi 55 Thonglor, to get their mango sticky rice. It is my favorite food without a doubt – I could live off of it for the rest of my life. They serve it all over Bangkok but Maewaree has the best. Trust me, you haven’t lived until you’ve tried their mango sticky rice.

You can eat just about anywhere in Bangkok and you’ll walk away with a happy stomach (unless you get Bangkok belly) and there are endless restaurants through out the city, so go out and explore for yourself! If you have any suggestions I’d love to hear them so I can try them on my next trip to Bangkok!

8 thoughts on “Thai Food Very Good And Very Cheap

  1. Is the sticky rice and mango in soi 55 better than the cart over the road in sukhumvit 38 ? If it is then it MUST be good !
    Next time you are here, hop onto the skytrain out to OnNut and check out my local night market can eat a different Thai meal every night for a year, plus Japanese, Italian, german and generic farang food from about 20 vendors, plus a couple of good bars (1 with a champion cocktail maker) … all at Thai prices, not tourist prices !

    1. To be honest I haven’t tried the sticky rice at sukhumvit 38! I’ll have to try on my next visit! I became a regular at Maewaree’s since it was so delicious and right around the corner from our apartment.

      I will ABSOLUTELY go eat at your market the next time I’m in town! In fact, my dad is in Bangkok right now, so I’ll let him know where it’s located and I’m sure he’ll go check it out very soon! 🙂

  2. Your next Thai food blog will have to be about trying the insects fried in oil. This summer is time to step out of the tourist comfort zone and try some real local dishes!

  3. Oh, lucky you! Thai and Vietnamese cuisine are two of our favorites, and, as you point out, a great value.
    Here in Dover, New Hampshire, we have several Thai options, but our favorite is Khaophums Fine Thai Restaurant, and it’s within easy walking distance. Makes for a great luncheon option, especially.
    Just in case you ever get out this way.

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