Roadtrippin’ Arizona

Today I have a video montage to share with you guys, documenting our recent road trip to Sedona, AZ.

Sedona is a small town nestled between beautiful red-rock mesas. It’s famous for being one of the world’s hotspots for UFO sightings and known for having multiple energy centers, called vortexes. People travel from all over the world to go alien “hunting”, meditate on top or near the vortexes, receive psychic readings, and strengthen their spirituality and inner-self. In other words, it’s a New-Age mecca. Sedona also has a rich history, with Native American rock dwellings left over from centuries of indigenous people settling in the area. You can view many pictographs, some dating as far back as 6,000 years ago. And don’t even get me started on the incredible hiking and mountain biking opportunities Sedona has to offer!
Almost 6 years ago, my dad took me and my brother on a huge, month long, road trip through Utah, Nevada, down to LA, and then back up through Arizona. By what seemed like fate, we ended up staying the night at a hotel in Sedona for free. My brother and I were enthralled by the beauty, mystery, and magic surrounding the town and ever since that trip we’ve gone back to visit at least once a year. Whether you believe it’s the extraterrestrials, the subtle energy flowing from the vortexes, or the astounding natural beauty, something has been drawing people to the area for thousands of years.

(All music rights belong to Nahko and Medicine For The People. To hear more of their beautiful music please visit their YouTube.)

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