Emulsion Lift Tutorial

Hey Everyone!

Today I want to share a video tutorial with you guys! It’s a quick one that I threw together, which shows how to create emulsion lifts using IMPOSSIBLE instant film. This can be quite a simple process which yields really beautiful, ethereal, results. You can transfer the lifts onto almost any surface you want…paper, glass, wood. Keep in mind that there are a few different ways to go about making emulsion lifts, this is just one of my personal favorites because I like the unpredictability of the ripped edges which I feel gives the photo a more grungy, shabby look. Happy Lifting!

6 thoughts on “Emulsion Lift Tutorial

  1. Bravo! I think you’ve found a calling. Excellent work: The video’s outstanding, well shot, edited and produced. The instructions are great. Maybe do one for the steps leading up to this—equipment, supplies, shooting, etc.

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