One Tribe Apparel // Thunder Mountain Monument

Remember my post a while back, about my first visit to Thunder Mountain Monument? Occasionally, we stop to visit when we’re driving through Nevada on our way to San Francisco. This time we were greeted by a black dog, who accompanied us for the duration of our time at the monument. We walked around what was left of the school house – which burned down in the early 80’s, took some photos, stretched, then took off for California to celebrate the McGraw wedding! Whenever I’m on a long road trip like this one, being comfortable is essential…comfort and junk food. I pile the car up with pillows and blankets to snuggle up with, stock up on munchies, and be sure to wear one of my favorite lazy-day outfits. And to me, there’s nothing comfier than kicking back in a plain tank, a pair of Birks, and my One Tribe Honey Hive harem pants!

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