BIG News

I’m extremely excited to announce that we will be expecting a child this February 2017!
This will undoubtedly be my greatest adventure yet! I’m feeling so many different emotions at once as I’m sure all first-time mothers and parents do…Excitement. Love. Anxiety. Uncertainty. And lots of hormones. But overall, I’m thrilled to introduce my mini-trouble maker to the world and experience everything through new eyes as I watch my child learn and grow.
I look forward to sharing this journey with all of you!

Safe Travels, xx

4 thoughts on “BIG News

  1. The practice on a dog made my day… I can’t tell if the dog is hating or loving the diaper… and your other dog looks jealous… (or at least curious)… Congrats on the beginning of a wonderful adventure!!!

  2. Oh my gawd!!! I am SO happy for you!! That will be the most well dressed, adventurous, well adjusted child ever! I am so happy for you Chanel!!

    Now have I mention Tony is a great name for both boys and girls….

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