Hike in the Foothills

I don’t know about you guys, but here in Boise it feels like spring in the middle of November. Last year around this time there was already snow on the ground but lately it’s been in the 60’s! And climate change is just hoax made up by the Chinese, eh Mr. President-elect?
But seriously it’s been b-e-a-utiful and since I tend to go into hibernation once it starts to get cold and snowy around here, I want to take advantage of it as much as possible! We decided to take the pups on a hike in the foothills on Sunday. Boise is the perfect combo of desert and mountains – with rolling hills filled with sagebrush that eventually transform into the Boise National Forest teeming with pine-trees and wildlife. There is so much public land to take advantage of, it’s truly an outdoor-lovers oasis and we’re so lucky to live here.
I cannot wait to introduce our daughter to hiking, camping, and everything in between! If she’s anything like I was as a child, she will be mesmerized by everything nature related. I’m stoked to be able to re-live childhood wonderment through her eyes while teaching her to love and respect our planet. I like to consider days like this as some of her first outdoorsy experiences…even if she doesn’t realize it yet!


Seaside Voyage Poncho
Seaside Voyage Poncho
Stripes Over You Cardigan
Stripes Over You Cardigan
Winter Wonderland Sweater
Winter Wonderland Sweater

Cardi: Billabong | Beanie: GunnySack & Co. | Leggings: Motherhood
Hoodie (His): NorthFace


Safe Travels, xx

7 thoughts on “Hike in the Foothills

  1. Introducing our future kids to the things we’ve been seeing in our travels is something we’ve been thinking about a lot, too. It seems as though your baby will be off to a good start, especially if you get the chance to take that long trip with them when they’re young. 😉 Your blog is beautiful and a fun read, by the way, and we’ve nominated you for a Sunshine Blogger Award. You can see the nomination here https://johnandkatiesrvhoneymoon.com/2016/11/14/sunshine-blogger-award/. If you have the chance to respond, that’d be awesome, but otherwise continue to enjoy the nice fall weather and anticipating that sure to be adorable little one! 🙂

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