Wellness With Camille Beckman

I received a lovely gift over the holidays full of goodies from Camille Beckman, an Idaho grown mother-daughter line of beauty products that are prefect for pampering yourself. They’re created with all natural ingredients, vegan/gluten free, and are made right here in the USA. Personally I’m not a vegan or gluten intolerant, but I always prefer products that use all-natural ingredients over ones that don’t because it gives me some peace of mind when I can actually read the ingredient list and know what I’m putting into body. Am I right?
This is why I just LOVE companies that go the natural route like Camille Beckman has. I tried out the whole crunchy lifestyle a few years back, you know…making my own shampoo, toothpaste, face-wash, and even makeup. It didn’t last very long. I just couldn’t motivate myself to put in all the time and effort that goes into making your own all-natural products. That’s where companies, like Camille Beckman, come in. They make it easy and affordable to acquire healthy, wholesome, & luxurious beauty products. My favorite so far has been the milk bath soak! The Epsom salt soothes my achy, third-trimester worn body, while the coconut milk leaves my skin super soft. And my favorite part about their line of products? They’re made in my beautiful home state of Idaho!



Safe Travels, xx

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