Vlog Intro!

Well everyone, I’ve been blogging on The Bohemian Lifestyle for about 4 years now! I’ve enjoyed sharing my experiences, travels, and daily life with all of my readers out there and hearing your feedback. This year, I’ve made it a personal blogging-goal of mine to expand my creative horizons by sharing vlogs with you all! I have already made a couple travel diaries that you can watch on my YouTube. But I’ve always shied away from actually speaking on camera because whenever I try it, I just end up feeling like an idiot. (I am and always will be my own worst critic). This year is different. This year I, myself, am different. Pregnancy has been one of the most humbling experiences I could ever imagine. It’s made me care a lot less about what other people think of me which, in turn, has reduced a lot of my social anxieties. Perhaps it’s because I have bigger things to worry about now than other people’s negative opinions.

So far, I have quite a bit of content for videos prepared. One about our recent trip to Washington DC and a few on my pregnancy as I countdown to the baby’s arrival in 6 weeks! So, stay tuned for some new videos in the following months. I’ve embedded a little teaser video in this post which will serve as an introduction to all my travel vlogs.

I’d love to hear feedback and advice from videographers or other bloggers who have turned to vlogging!


Safe Travels, xx

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