Little Gypsies 

Devised by a free-spirited duo of sisters living in Byron Bay, Spell & The Gypsy Collective started small in local markets and has since expanded to become one of the ultimate signature boho fashion labels. Their whimsical prints and flowing skirts will reveal your inner-gypsy and make you want to dance barefeet in the sand.

I’ve had my eye on them for a while now and frequently stop by their online store to stay up to date on new designs and any ongoing sales. It never really occurred to me, until my pregnancy, that they have a line of clothes made specifically for infants and toddlers called “little gypsies”! Swoon. As I envisioned my future flower-child frolicking in their adorable onesies and leggings, I fell in love with their brand even more. I knew I had to get my hands on their Gypsy Queen Onsie in 3-6 months, so that my little babe can sport this darling singlet as it starts to warm up this coming spring/summer. It’s one of my favorite pieces that I’ve bought for babygirl so far and I’m beyond excited to see her in it. Now all they need are matching mommy & me sets! *hint hint*

Safe Travels, xx

One thought on “Little Gypsies 

  1. Reblogged this on Let's Play Non-Pretend and commented:
    Can I have this, please?? (Ya know, in a bigger size lol) I’m so in love with the colors! I just bought a bunch of stuff, so I’m definitely tapped out for this week. But, next-next week is all Spell & Gypsy Collective. Great post by the way!

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