Mountain Withdrawals

All this winter weather has gotten me down lately. I’m eagerly awaiting the warmer days ahead, filled with camping trips, hikes, mountain drives, burning sunsets, and afternoons spent by the river. I’m especially excited to share these experiences with my daughter and instill in her the same love for the outdoors that I’ve had since youth. I was going through some old photos recently and found ones from a drive in the Boise Nat’l Forest up towards Cascade, Idaho. Though it was windy, it was one of the last warm fall days we had before winter reared her ugly head and transformed the land into a frozen wasteland. It gave me some serious mountain withdrawals, you guys!
I’m wearing one of my favorite pairs of pants from Pacsun. They’re from last season and are no longer in stock, so I’m glad that I snagged this funky pair of bells before they ran out. Luckily, Pylo and Show Me Your Mumu have really cute lines of bell bottoms that are definitely worth checking out if you’re interested in buying a pair of your own. I love bell bottoms and the fact that they’ve been resurfacing the last couple years! I usually style them with a pair of booties and either a flowy blouse or a tank like the one I’m wearing from ZombieVilla – a little brand I discovered at the Chatuchak weekend market in Thailand.

In the meantime, cross your fingers with me that spring will come sooner rather than later!


xx, Safe Travels

5 thoughts on “Mountain Withdrawals

  1. So happy to hear I am not alone with the winter blues. We moved from Southern California a year ago (in the Spring) to the Sierra Foothills. We don’t have the amount of snow as you but living in a warm climate that hardly ever rains spoiled me. I can do heat but I am finding out my body has trouble with cold weather. Its been raining almost non stop here and I am disabled. I use a walker to get around which is okay when the weather is dry. I can still go for walks with my dogs among the trees but the roads are too muddy and flooded these days so I’m stuck indoors. I now understand what people mean when they say they have “cabin fever.” I will appreciate the warm dry weather so much more and I look forward to spending time outdoors. And I know my dogs will enjoy it too.

  2. Right there with you kid! This week has been snow, heavy rain and then wind. I just want to be able to saddle up on the bike and ride into Rainier. Smell the trees, hear the birds and feel the sun..

    Love the outfit and cant wait to ‘meet, the kidlet on here!

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