First Mother’s Day

For my first mother’s day, I woke up to Dustin making breakfast (biscuits and gravy, my favorite!) and then we spent the rest of the day at the zoo. It was also Acacia’s first time visiting! She slept almost the entire time, but she was awake for the penguin and zebra exhibits so I’d like to think she had a good time. We ended the day eating dinner at my grandma’s house. It sounds cheesy but I felt kinda cool that day, like I had been initiated into this elite club of women who call themselves “moms”. I even looked the part in my baseball hat and Birkenstocks while carrying Acacia around in her new Baby Bjorn carrier.

I hope all you mamas reading this had a good Mother’s Day! Being a parent in general is one of the most under-appreciated (and underpaid) jobs on the planet…but it’s also the most humbling and rewarding in my opinion.


xx, Chanel

One thought on “First Mother’s Day

  1. Thanks for sharing your lovely day! Being a mom is the best! Enjoy every moment of every experience!

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