Best View In The House

Pepperdine University. 830 acres of what is arguably the most beautiful campus in existence. This pristine private college is located in the heart of Malibu and overlooks the Pacific Ocean. It’s not uncommon to see deer roaming throughout the hills. I hear it’s the most expensive campus in the country…I don’t know how accurate that statement is but I do know you can’t put a price on Pepperdine’s views.

Since we’ve been staying here since I was young, I thought it only made sense to do a post about it. Even though it’s not a normal hotel or resort, it’s one of my favorite places that we’ve had the opportunity to stay at. We usually stay in four bedroom dorms on campus, with updated kitchens and bathrooms. They are towards the top of campus so we have stunning panoramic views of the mountains behind us with the rest of campus and the ocean beneath us. We almost always pass by a herd of deer while driving to our dorms. I remember one summer during our stay there was a mountain lion spotted on campus so a warning was issued for everyone to stay alert when walking outside to our cars. The wildlife and lush greenery throughout campus combined with views you could stare at for hours only add to the appeal of attending such a prestigious private school…plus the beach is only like 5 minutes away. 😉

Top: Elizabeth Gillette


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