Best Place To Eat In Malibu

Food is such an essential part of traveling. Food defines the places you visit and leaves an impression on you that lasts long after you’ve returned home. Like a familiar smell that reminds you of your childhood, certain tastes also leave a hint of nostalgia on our tongues reminding us of places we’ve been. Every place I’ve traveled to there has been a restaurant or dish that I find myself craving every so often. Pad Thai and spicy Sukkothai soup in Thailand, homemade pork tacos in Mexico, Founding Farmers in D.C.

In Malibu, it’s none other than Malibu Seafood Hut. The seafood platter is my favorite meal because I can have a taste of everything and their fries are incredible! Also, I’m generally not a fish taco person but their fish tacos are an absolute must every time. This place is extremely special to me and my family. When I was young and we lived in California, we would always go to our favorite beach and end the day with a meal at Malibu Seafood Hut. I remember sitting on the patio watching dolphins jump by while we ate. Back then, I never remembered the lines being so long…but today if you go around dinner time or on the weekends there is zero parking and a line out the door. I guess everyone found out our secret throughout the years!

Safe Travels xx,


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