A’s First Beach Day!

What does a 4 month old do during her first visit to the beach? Cry, of course!
Acacia hated the cold water touching her little feet and would scream when I dipped them in. I don’t blame her, it was even too cold for me! So her and I mostly played in the sand and lounged around together in the sunshine beneath our beach tent. I don’t think she enjoyed the beach as much as I was hoping, but she seemed intrigued by the texture of the sand and would giggle randomly when the wind would blow in her face. I’m sure when she’s older she’ll be jumping waves with me and learning to surf with her dad (unless she’s a chicken like me and has a phobia of deep water).

Also, shoutout to Billabong for making the best one-piece suits this season! After having Acacia, I needed to update a lot of my wardrobe to fit my postpartum mom-bod, which included swimsuits. Billabong has a whole bunch of one-pieces that are cut low in the back or show a little bit of sideboob, so they still make you feel sexy even if you don’t have the same stomach you used to or you can’t fit into any of your old bathing suits (cry).

Shop Swimwear:

Swimsuit (His & Hers): Billabong
Swimsuit (Baby): Target



Safe Travels xx,

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