Vortex Hikes

Every year on our way through Arizona we stop in Sedona for a few days. This year, we only stopped in my favorite little town for a day but it was just as magical as ever. After an evening of walking around the shops and buying some essential Sedona souvenirs (crystals, t-shirts, smudge sticks, and an astrological birthchart painting for acacia’s room) my parents offered to watch Acacia while Dustin and I went on an evening hike to a nearby vortex.
Bell rock vortex is hard to miss. Not only is this giant mesa stunning, but the energy it emits attracts your attention immediately. We hiked up the trail a ways and then watched the sunset while we talked about extraterrestrials and what their perspective of the human race is. You know – typical new agey, conspiratorial conversations one would have while hiking a giant mountain of energy.

We’ve thrown the idea around that we should go on a kind of Southwest American roadtrip next summer. We would rent an RV and stop at all the quintessential southwest spots along the way like Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Arches, Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon, and others, all ending with a few days in Sedona.

Outfit Details:

Tank: Earthbound Trading Co.

Leggings: Marshalls

Hat: Brandy Melville

Shoes: ASOS



Safe Travels, xx

One thought on “Vortex Hikes

  1. I’ve been to Sedona only once and that was (wow time flies!) 17 years ago. It is a magical place and just thinking about it calms my mind. Actually Arizona is a magical place. There is something about the desert that calls to me. Maybe you can share what crystals you bought in a future post. Namaste.

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