Baby Shower Thank You Cards

Hey everyone! Over the weekend I had free time to write out some thank you cards to send to my family for throwing me and Acacia a baby shower. I wanted the cards to have a similar theme as her boho style cake and cookies, with feathers and whimsical vibe to them. Basic Invite has an enormous selection of party invitations and thank you cards, which made it easy to find exactly what I was looking for. All I did was search “feather” on their site and the cutest card with flowers and a feather came up. Done and done. You can personally customize the colors of your invitations, choosing from over 180 different color options and they also let you choose the finish of the envelope! I picked colors that matched her baby shower and chose a shimmery finish for the envelopes. I sat there for a good 30 minutes playing around with different color combinations – it was so much fun! But my favorite part about Basic Invite is that it’s one of the only websites that will actually send you a free sample of your invitations so you can make sure they are exactly what you want before you purchase them. I’ve already been looking at their first birthday invitations for Acacia’s 1st coming up in March!




xx, Chanel





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October Has Arrived!

October is here! Pumpkin. Flannels. Cozy nights. And scary movies. ❤
Not only is October one of my favorite months but it also marks the beginning of fall and the holiday season! On the first day of October we took Acacia to the pumpkin patch for the first time and picked out a little family of pumpkins for our front porch. I’m BEYOND excited this year because It’s going to be all of Acacia’s “firsts”. This also means that I get to dress her up in adorably cheesy holiday themed outfits. 😉


xx, Chanel

Fishing The Snake River

To officially end Summer we took a weekend trip up to Riggins, ID to visit Dustin’s family. There is always something fun and exciting to do in that town. Whether it’s whitewater rafting, picnics on top of a mountain, or just hanging out with family and friends around the fire pit with some drinks at night. This time we woke up early and headed for the Snake River. We had a cooler full of food and beverages, and were ready to spend he entire day catching some fish! It was my first time fishing and Acacia’s first time on a boat, so I was really looking forward to this new experience.

Dustin’s stepdad used to own a jet-boat company called River Adventures in Riggins. They offer guided river tours and fishing trips along the Salmon River and Hells Canyon. He has lived and worked on these waters his whole life, which means he’s definitely the man to go with. The drive there took about two hours. We followed a narrow dirt road up and over a mountain, then down into a valley which eventually led to a parking lot and boat launch site. The drive was stunning and I would expect nothing less from the Idaho wilds. There were others fishing, people on guided riverboat tours, kayaking, and swimming in the river. We loaded everything on the boat and jumped in.

I took a moment to take in the scenery. I was surrounded by rugged beauty – one side of the river was guarded by monstrous, rocky cliffs and the water was rushing past us in hues of blue and green. They gave me a fishing pole and took some time to teach me how to cast. I was a little shaky at first but I caught on pretty quickly and was catching bass alongside everyone else in no time! But what we were really there for weren’t a few little fish, no, we were there to catch a 6+ ft long Sturgeon! Every time we would move to a new spot, Dustin’s stepdad and his grandson would set up these giant fishing poles with chunks of fish as bait and then cast them into the middle of the river while we passed the time catching fish and swimming.

We had been there for most of the day when all of the sudden something started tugging at the line. The guys ran over and grabbed the pole. They each took a turn reeling in the sturgeon, then they handed me the line and talked me through everything. It was so exhilarating! I reeled that bad boy in most of the way, but let me tell you he put up a good fight! My arms felt like they were going to break off so I handed the pole to Dustin, who took all the glory by bringing in that 7 foot giant. I was in awe of this enormous creature that swims at the bottom of many rivers and lakes around the world. Their evolution dates back over 200 million years ago, so in a way we were kinda touching a dinosaur. RAD.
After taking some photos, we set the big guy free then made our way back down river to the boat launch. It was the perfect way to end the summer! I highly recommend taking a guided sturgeon fishing trip if you’re ever in Idaho.

Safe Travels,

xx Chanel

Road Trip to the Oregon Coast

Almost immediately after we got home from our long road trip to California, we packed right back up, got in the car, and headed for Oregon. This time it was a girl’s trip! Just me, Acacia, my mom, and grandma – four generations on the road together. ❤
Our destination: my uncle and his family’s new house just outside of Reedsport, where they own a few acres nestled in a meadow between the mountains. His property is only a few miles from an elk refuge so we got to wake up to elk grazing in the yard every morning. We usually all get together for a family camping trip but since it wasn’t in the cards for this year, my mom and I decided to pitch a tent and camp out in the yard with Acacia…I still consider it her first camping trip even though we were 50 feet from the house. 😉
I also did my cousin’s senior photos while we were there! The Oregon Coast is prime location for photoshoots. You couldn’t find ugly or uninteresting scenery even if you tried. My cousin was such a champ and warmed up to the camera really fast which made my job a whole lot easier. The photos turned out beautiful and I’m so happy that I was able to do them for her!



Safe Travels,
xx Chanel

(Late) Baby Shower

While we were visiting family in Utah, my mom and aunt teamed up to throw a baby shower for me and Acacia. I never had one when I was pregnant because I was so uncomfortable and antisocial towards the end. And after giving birth, I had so many complications that I never felt like having one either so the idea eventually left my mind. It was really sweet of them to plan one for us! Acacia loved meeting her great-grandparents, cousins, aunts, uncles…and everyone went nuts over her. I don’t think she was put down the entire time!
We received some incredible presents from everyone, including some handmade bibs with adorable crochet stitching, tons of clothes, and money to buy Acacia a high chair! It was all so thoughtful and I couldn’t be more grateful of my family!! 

I have to give a giant shoutout to my cousin, Sharen, who is a cake BOSS and made the most incredible boho-themed cake and cookie set for the shower. It was all seriously so amazing that I didn’t want to eat it…I just wanted to preserve it somehow and put it in Acacia’s room forever. If you’re in the SLC area and are looking for some killer baking skills then you need to contact my cousin!!


Safe Travels, xx

Vortex Hikes

Every year on our way through Arizona we stop in Sedona for a few days. This year, we only stopped in my favorite little town for a day but it was just as magical as ever. After an evening of walking around the shops and buying some essential Sedona souvenirs (crystals, t-shirts, smudge sticks, and an astrological birthchart painting for acacia’s room) my parents offered to watch Acacia while Dustin and I went on an evening hike to a nearby vortex.
Bell rock vortex is hard to miss. Not only is this giant mesa stunning, but the energy it emits attracts your attention immediately. We hiked up the trail a ways and then watched the sunset while we talked about extraterrestrials and what their perspective of the human race is. You know – typical new agey, conspiratorial conversations one would have while hiking a giant mountain of energy.

We’ve thrown the idea around that we should go on a kind of Southwest American roadtrip next summer. We would rent an RV and stop at all the quintessential southwest spots along the way like Vegas, the Grand Canyon, Arches, Monument Valley, Bryce Canyon, and others, all ending with a few days in Sedona.

Outfit Details:

Tank: Earthbound Trading Co.

Leggings: Marshalls

Hat: Brandy Melville

Shoes: ASOS



Safe Travels, xx

Malibu Village Mural + 10 Things

Here are some photos from Malibu Village, where we spent the day eating at our favorite restaurants in the area and browsing through stores I can’t afford.
I also thought it would be a good idea to share 10 random little things about myself and life lately.

  • I’m studying to get my BFA from Boise State University. I would eventually like to get my Masters of Fine Arts as well.
  • My art and photography have been published internationally – you can view more of my work on my website! Let me know what you think!
  • I also take portraits (family, wedding, engagements, etc.) for a living. My prices and other booking inquiries can be found on my website above.
  • Acacia just turned 6 months and she has also said her first word – mama! She yells it over and over if I leave the room or I’m not paying attention to her when she wants me to. mamamamama. Now Dustin is desperately trying to get her to say dada. 😉
  • I’ve struggled with anxiety for years. It’s a constant battle of worrying about murderers, plane crashes, web MD search results, and other irrelevant things of the sort.
  • I could eat Mexican food or sushi literally everyday for the rest of my life and I’d be totally happy. yum. Speaking of sushi, have you guys tried poke bowls? It’s basically sushi unwrapped inside a bowl and it’s our new favorite thing ever!
  • I got my first tattoo when I was 16 (without permission) inside of a trailer from an amateur tattoo artist…it was not my most glorious idea. I’m planning on getting it covered up this year with some flowers. I’ve been flirting with the idea of doing a post about it.
  • Dustin and I just finished binge watching Game Of Thrones. I definitely recommend doing the same thing if you haven’t already.
  • I modeled for Ford Models as a child. I did shoots for Disney and Mattel, among others, and was also in a holiday commercial for Clackamas Town Center in Oregon. I used to be embarrassed to talk about it when I was younger but now I’m like hey, I was pretty cool once upon a time. 🙂
  • For my brother’s high school graduation gift, my parents bought us all tickets to see Kendrick Lamar in San Jose. Front row tickets. The look on my brother’s face was priceless and being that close to stage was incredible. It was the perfect end to summer!

Outfit Details:

Head Scarf: Elizabeth Gillett

Romper: Brandy Melville

Swimsuit: Billabong

Sunglasses: Radfish Malibu

Shoes (Hers): Birkenstock

Shirt (His): RVCA

Shoes (His): Vans





Safe Travels xx,